About me


I am a professional photographer based out of Charlotte, NC specializing in landscape, portrait and commercial photography. All of my nature and landscape photos are available as high quality prints and wall art through my website galleries. They are also available for licensing and editorial use. My services include working with companies to create photos that tell their story through their marketing, website and social media channels.

My passion for photography began over 13 years ago when I got my first 35mm film camera for a study abroad trip to Ecuador. I was fascinated with the new people, places, and cultures I was experiencing. I quickly realized that I wanted to capture my experiences through my photos and share them with others. That passion continues to grow and photography is now a major part of my life. It is how I make a living, capture memories and connect with amazing people. My goal is to help tell stories through images. Stories of nature, life, people and places that make this world truly unique.

Photography is about more than just capturing a great photo. It is about getting out and experiencing life, exploring new places and meeting new people. It is about being fully present in the moment. Being a visual storyteller to inspire others and share experiences.


E-mail: mattwilliamsphotography@yahoo.com

Phone: 919-247-3802

Valley of fire
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